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 Spices Etc. started in 1989 and I have learned through the years these great things that any entrepreneurs should know.  They are in no particular order and, in my opinion, are imperative to for success with an entrepreneur in this day and age.

As an entrepreneur, even though I would like to think I know all of life‘s answers, I don‘t; just ask my wife!  And guess what, it is perfectly ok and the sooner you admit it, the better off your life and business will be in the future.  I have surrounded myself with what I refer to as my ‘My Board‘, which is made up of 3 close friends and 3 well respected, local business men. I have consistently turned to my Board of Advisors over the years for financial and business advice and they are kind enough to lend their expertise and opinions that allow me to make the best educated decision for my company and the future. I value each of them as a crucial part of my business and I could not be in business without them!

Over the years I have learned one thing is definite – failure is imminent; embrace it and learn from it! I have learned more from making mistakes than from any other part of my business. Now, some of those mistakes have been expensive and some have hurt my pride, but all of them have made me a better businessman and a better employer.  The key to failure is knowing how to dissect the issue, correct it and prevent it!  Some problems are more complicated than others and some are more time consuming, but they are all crucial to making your business as strong as possible!  When dealing with these problems, do not be afraid to think outside the box with solutions and for Pete‘s sake, don‘t deal with them alone.  Utilize employee input to help find your solution and, if needed, contact your advisors to make sure you receive an outside observation of the issue.

Probably the most important aspect I have learned over time is don‘t limit yourself, or your life, to existing inside your business.  It is critical that you allow yourself time away from work if you really want to succeed in all aspects of your life and your business.  Your health is most important and I have developed a daily exercise routine which allows me to keep my body in shape and most importantly, eliminate some of the stress created by running your own business.  I could not reach my full potential if I didn‘t allow myself this time every day; it is good for your soul!  I, also, recommend becoming involved in your community through a civic organization, your church or by some similar organization.  It allows you to help out those in need, enjoy the fellowship of people who are around you and make this world a better place.

After many, many years of being in business I can only say that owning your own business is one of the most satisfying parts of my life and I hope that you are able to enjoy the same happiness.  Good luck!

This Business article was written by Jimmy Kelley, Jr. on 1/26/2010

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