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 There is quite a bit of work and cost that goes into setting up and hosting a virtual event. First, you must decide if it is a webinar or teleseminar, then whether it is paid or free. You have to decide the goal of the event, select a service to manage the event, coordinate with your JV Partners, coordinate with your affiliates, write sales copy and sales letters, create autoresponders, design a marketing and sales funnel for the event, hold hands, build excitement, plus a whole lot more!

The biggest challenge most coaches face is deciding WHERE to promote an event so that they can fill the available seats and create the desired outcome. Below is a list of 22 places to promote your virtual events:

1. Your website

2. Your newsletter or ezine

3. Your blog

4. Your affiliates

5. Your joint venture partners

6. Your strategic alliances

7. Event calendar sites

a. Full Calendar –

b. Events Setter –

c. –

8. Teleseminar/Webinar Listing Services (Free and Paid)

a. See You On The Call –

b. Planet Teleclass –

c. Seminar Announcer –

d. Self Growth –

9. Twitter as a tweet

10. Facebook as a status update

11. Create a Facebook event

12. LinkedIn as a status update

13. LinkedIn on your profile

14. LinkedIn as an event

15. Other social networking sites where you are active

16. In the resource box of your articles (make sure your article is relevant to the topic)

17. Press releases

18. In your email signature

19. The listservs and discussion lists you belong to (as long as this type of promotion is allowed)

20. Forums you are active in

21. In a Pay Per Click Campaign

22. Craigslist

This Business article was written by Jennifer Davey on 2/10/2011

Jennifer Davey, Founder of JJS Coaching and Author of the Getting Clients Home Study Program, is a Business Coach, Marketing Strategist, and Speaker. She helps small businesses and self-employed professionals grow their businesses and develop strategies for getting clients, building business, and making more income.