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 (1) Entrepreneurs Know Customer Service – The Basis Of Good Sales

Entrepreneurs, among many other skills, are tremendous when it comes to sales and customer service. Since sales is simply good customer service combined with acute knowledge of their business, the hardest working entrepreneurs find sales to be more simplistic than the general public.

Because the goal of every small, home based business is to grow into a full company with an office and intelligent, hard working employees, to ensure survival, the entrepreneur must be able to capitalize on every and any business that comes his or her way.

It is this constant acquisition that makes the average small business owner become successful.

(2) Entrepreneurs Are Resourceful Enough To Recruit The Right People

In his book Winning, Jack Welch makes a spot-on point when he says that good people are exceedingly hard to find and great employees are nearly impossible.

Finding the right people is the #1 blockade to small business success. Most entrepreneurs start out from their house and coming from a small business owner who did the same, I am more than glad to vouch for the complexity and frustration it takes to bring on an employee without an office.

I also run a staffing firm, therefore when I used to obtain employees, although hard, I had an exceptional advantage over other small business owners.

(3) Entrepreneurs Know Their Industry Better Than The Bigger Firms In Their Space

As a recruiter, I’ve had to study resume writing, interviewing, negotiation, persuasion, management, leadership, consultative selling, marketing, cold-calling techniques, human resources, resume writing, cover letter writing as well as a plethora of other skills.

Not only have I had to learn these facets of my industry, I consistently have to refresh my knowledge on the subjects. Consistent reading takes an exceedingly high amount of discipline, drive and focus.

To truly learn their industry and to not only ensure survival, but become the absolute best at what they, entrepreneurs know that it is the work they put in after hours that separates them from the pack.

(4) Entrepreneurs Have Great Writing Skills

Without the acquisition of above average writing skills, I don’t think that my business would be where it is today.

By no means do entrepreneurs have to write like Hemingway, though the popularity of email has gotten so high that the entrepreneur cannot afford to maintain below-average writing skills.

Moreover, unless his or her web designer is an expert in their field and the entrepreneur has an unusual amount of capital, they will be writing their own website.

Since a small business’s website is the most important business facet of a company, the entrepreneur needs to write informative pieces on the industry geared towards the buyer.

Websites written by subpar entrepreneurs are often passed over regardless of how much the buyer liked him or her upon initial meeting.

The smart entrepreneur knows that without a compelling web presence, advertising techniques like Pay Per Click and trade show attendance are not going to be profitable.

While many companies ignore their website, the shrewd entrepreneur recognizes this and leverages his or her website to slowly gain market share.

This Young Entrepreneurship article was written by Ken Sundheim on 2/15/2011

Ken runs a sales and marketing staffing agency by the name of KAS Placement He is 29 right now and started the business when he was 25 with no experience from a studio apartment on the Upper West Side after getting fired from a corporate job about 3 months after graduating from Fordham University. KAS Placement is a sales and marketing staffing agency KAS Sales Recruiters Marketing Headhunters that recruits around the country including Chicago:
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