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There once was a young man with a credit repair business in Dillon, SC. He was a short, quiet shy man in his early twenties named John, but everyone called him young John. He was named after his father, whom the locals called ;Big John, who several decades ago set up the enterprise that his son would later fall in with: a credit repair business. In Dillon, SC, where the motto is & quietly progressive, Big John’s generation was the quietly, and young john’s was the progressive. Big John had grown up around small-town people with small-town values and did not have many problems with the credit repair business in Dillon, SC. However, he also didn’t have as many customers as young John, since the people in his day were a bit more sensible in the first place. Young John’s credit repair business, on the other hand, involved lots of e-mail correspondence, forms, figures, occasional and very impersonal telephone calls. In young John’s world, the rules were quite different from the good ol’ days, when deals were settled on a handshake.

Big John wasn’t too happy about the way the times were changing in his hometown, and he especially wasn’t too happy about seeing his son change with the times. The young, good natured, homegrown buy he’d raised was suddenly becoming a bourgeois Yankee, just like all the other folk that were moving in.

So he said one day, “Hey! Little John! What’s this racket you’ve got going on here? You’re slicking your hair and eating octopus sushi, now that ain’t no way I raised you.”

And so young John looked at his old dad and said “you know dad, the way this credit repair business stuff has changed has gotten me thinking: maybe we should start an octopus sushi business! Do you know that 80 percent of Americans are struggling with their octopus sushi rating, and need to get back on track? We could start a business that helps people get rid of bad sushi and get back on the path to quality cephalopod eating!”

Big John turned away, as he realized that the newfangled ways had gone to his son’s head for good.

This Business article was written by Mark Karavan on 2/24/2010