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It is your turn. It is your time. For years you have been slaving at a desk job, scrapping for raises, or trying to build your own company from scratch. It is about time that you spent some money on yourself (or better yet, the government’s money) on improving your job prospects and educating yourself. The myriad of options for online education, sometimes referred to more generically as Distance Education, are greater than ever. In fact, in many cases your local college, university or community college will provide online courses – so you can still go speak with a professor if you like, but don’t have to trust your money to a company that doesn’t have a real brick-and-mortar presence. If you are going to consider going back to school, make sure that you can finance it successfully without having to take out irresponsible loans. Higher education loans can normally be acquired for accredited online universities, but they are harder to come by because of the credit crunch. It may be a good time to tap some of your home equity if your house hasn’t already been sapped by the sinking housing market. The truth is, there is no bad time to improve your education. Go ahead and get the knowledge you need to grow your business and see success in the long run!

This Business article was written by Russ Jones on 10/3/2008

Russ Jones is a financial services expert.