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So now is not exactly the best time in the world to talk about mortgages and refinancing. In reality, people are so afraid of the current housing and mortgage market that they weep at the sound of moving money at all.

However, staying still at a time like this may be the worst thing possible for your business. As crazy as it might sound, if you have strong credit and are a business owner, now may be the best opportunity for you to expand via a refinance home equity loan. Interest rates are shockingly low and, although there is a credit crunch, there is and always will be a market for individuals with strong credit.

And growing your business is fantastic right now. Property costs are very low, there is competitiveness amongst employees as unemployment is on the rise, and construction costs are low as contractors are fighting to replace new construction losses. Getting in the right position now while the market is poor will allow you to catapult above the competition when the markets rebound.

The point is this – investing now when your competitors are weakend is a fantastic idea – and taking advantage of good interest rates and your home might be the right thing to do.

This Financial Services article was written by Russ Jones on 10/6/2008

Russ Jones is a financial services expert.