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There is no bad or good time to be in the market, in the long run. But, as the great Keynes said – in the long run, we are all dead.

Unfortunately people are not paying attention to basic principles of investment that will protect themselves and their assets. This puts not only individuals at risks, but their families and the employees of their businesses. So how do you prevent this from happening to yourself?

Get Educated!

There are tons of fantastic resources available on the web these days for assisting you in your investment education – many of which are completely free. For example, remains the industry standard of investment education online. They even offer some exam prep for real world traning.

You can also go out and get a CPA or MBA online from any number of vendors. However, make sure that you are getting an education from an accredited online university. There are many scams out there that are designed to take your money and run.

This Ebusiness article was written by Russ Jones on 10/3/2008

Russ Jones is a financial services expert.