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If you are starting your own cleaning business, it would help to know as much as possible about the kind of insurance products that you will need. It would be wise to get a quote on cleaning business insurance, and familiarize yourself with the potential hazards of the industry.

First, what kinds of accidents are you protecting yourself from? When you get a quote on cleaning business insurance, you should be covering yourself against a number of incidents such as:

Lost key coverage: a very common and overlooked problem that is known to occur withing the janitorial industry.

Coverage for property in your care: this includes the handful of machines you will be working with through the course of the workday, such as carpet and floor cleaning machines, vacuums, power washers for windows, and so forth.

Theft of customer property: because you will be sending employees into other people’s houses, it is wise to protect yourself against mischievous acts that may occur in the workplace.

Limited pollution coverage: you will probably be working with an assortment of toxic chemicals, and will need some protection against the damage they can cause to your clients’ properties.

Business income coverage: also called profits insurance, this protects you against short-term maladies that may set you in the red for a while. Business income coverage protects you if, say, your biggest client went out of business and you have to spend some time searching around for new work. It also provides you with the resources you need to recover your clients, if for example your lack of profits was the result of an accident that occurred to you or an employee.

Office equipment coverage: Yes, you also want to be insured in case your computers break down.  While office equipment is not as critical to a cleaning business as it is to many other businesses, it is still a good idea to make sure that your electronic resources are protected.

It’s also a good idea to think about what kinds of worst-case scenarios might occur on the job site when you get a quote for cleaning business insurance. What if chemicals are left at the house somewhere and a child drinks them and is poisoned? This is the kind of thinking that should go into the purchase. Talk with your insurance agents and any colleagues you have in the industry to find out what level of coverage is appropriate for your needs.

This Business article was written by Mark Karavan on 11/29/2009