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There use to be a time when getting business advice was hard. Sure, you had books to read and classes that you could take, but none of this compares to real life advice from people who have already made it. Thankfully, the Internet has completely changed the way we get business advice. Not only do you have access to tons of resources, but you can even get advice from some of the biggest names in the business industry. Let’s talk about a few ways you can go about getting this free business advice.

Social Media Sites
Social media sites, as a whole, have changed the way that people communicate. For the first time ever, consumers have a way to directly contact companies. Not only that, but companies have an easier way to contact their most loyal customers. The same can be said for anyone who is in the public eye, including big names from the business world. Most of them are happy to talk to people about how they got their start and give advice on how people can achieve the same goal. 

The best way to go about doing this is to find the public profile of a business hotshot from whom you want to get advice. You can just leave him a comment on his public profile. Most of the time, the person will get back to you with a little advice. Best of all, the advice is completely free. Some social media sites worth checking are Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

A lot of the biggest names in the business industry like to give advice. They like for people to hear what they have to say. That is why a number of these business men write free e-books that you can download from the Internet. There are some that will ask for you to pay for their books, but the majority of them are just giving the advice out to anyone who is smart enough to find it.

E-books are extremely easy to find on the Internet; you can simply do a search. Remember to narrow down your search by typing in the type of e-books that you are looking for. In this case, it would be business advice and possibly the name of the businessperson from whom you want advice. Keep in mind that not all of the biggest names in the business industry write e-books, but you may be shocked to find out just how many do.

Searching for Information
Last, but not least, is simply searching for information. A quick look for business would turn up this awesome Bob Parsons Godaddy post. If the person you are looking for information on is a big time businessman, there is a good chance that he has given interviews, seminars and speeches. Most of the time, the information from these gatherings can be found online. Sometimes you can even find a video of the gathering on YouTube. This is a great way to go about gathering some information and advice. Although this information may not be as tailored to you as if you asked a direct question on a social media site, there is still a great chance that you find some information that is of help to you.

This Business article was written by George Miston on 11/20/2013