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We’ve all heard the dire straits that the U.S. economy continues to go through.

With unemployment sitting at around 9.2 percent, many individuals have either not been able to find work for some time now or even give up their search. That being the story, many businesses that do have the ability to hire at times end up searching and searching for the right employee.

For those business owners who are looking to hire in these tough times, what are the keys to finding the right fix for your office?


Sell Your Product

It’s important for business owners to make a good sale to potential new hires so that they improve their chances of finding the right employees.

If you have a product you the business owner is not excited about, how on Earth do you expect anyone else to be? Show the potential recruit what makes your company stand out from others in order to get motivated individuals to come to work for you.

Business owners also need to assure the new recruits as much as possible that they’re potentially coming into a company that can weather the tough economic times.

You’ve been able to get through the last few years of financial storms, are you prepared to sail on through the challenges ahead? Your chances of landing a good candidate are greatly lessened if you all you have to offer them are hopes and not assurances.

Instead of saying we hope to get through these tough economic times, tell them that they could be important members of your team that will assist in getting your company through the challenging times. Remember, no reasonably intelligent individual is going to join your team if they think they are setting sail on the Titanic.


Teams Make Winners, Not Individuals

Another important pitch to potential recruits is showing them how your company is a team and not a gallery of individual players.

While it may be a cliché, teams win together and teams lose together. Individuals are more apt to join a company where they feel like they’ll mesh well with co-workers as opposed to an environment where people keep to themselves and are looking for individual and not team acknowledgements.

Lastly, take a look at your current roster and see who may be eligible for promotions. Oftentimes, the best employees are right under your nose and you don’t even know it.

Whether it is the individual who has been with the company for several years and hasn’t moved up the ranks, or the intern who would serve you and themselves much better by doing more than making copies, talent can oftentimes be found in-house.

With that being said, don’t be afraid to go out and try to find the right employees, but take stock of what you already have.

Even though the national unemployment number remains high, there are still plenty of qualified people looking to fill jobs.

Given that small businesses drive this nation’s economy, do your part to keep the motor running.

This Business article was written by Dave Thomas on 7/20/2011

Dave Thomas is an expert writer on items like business copiers and is based in San Diego, California. He writes extensively for an online resource that provides expert advice on purchasing and outsourcing decisions for small business owners and entrepreneurs at Resource Nation.