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I have been blogging a bit lately about WHY you need an email list, so I thought I should write about HOW to grow your list.

Your marketing should drive traffic (website visitors, people) to your website so that they can sign up for your list. Your list will allow you to leverage the “Know, Like and Trust Factor.”

1.    Make it easy and intuitive for people to subscribe to your email list. You can do this by having a call to action (that tells visitors to subscribe) on EVERY page of your website. Be sure to always have the sign up box in the same location on all the pages.

2.    Don’t ask for too much information. One mistake many small businesses make is asking for a ton of information on their list sign up form. The more information you ask for, the less likely that potential clients will subscribe.

At a minimum ask for their email address. At a maximum ask for their name and email address unless there is a reason you MUST ask for more information.  (Such as you’re mailing them something).

3.    Make a compelling offer. A compelling offer is VERY clear on the result the person accepting the offer will receive. It talks about the solution, not the process.

Ultimately, potential clients don’t care about you, they care about the VALUE they will receive. The value is what is going to compel them to take you up on your offer.

4.    Link to a landing page (or squeeze page). You know your website inside and out, but your visitors don’t. You have about 4 seconds from the time a visitor lands on your page till they are either hooked or leave. Don’t give potential clients too many options which may paralyze them, keep it simple with a singular message and call to action.

5.    Include your offer in your signature. One of the best (and must underused) places to share your compelling offer, or link to your landing page, so you can quickly build your list is the email signature. It allows you to get a clear message out to everyone you touch about the solution you provide.

6.    Suggest your subscribers forward your newsletter. Potential and current clients who are subscribed to your list already know how great the content you provide is. Make it easy for them to recommend and refer you by including a link that allows them to forward your newsletter.

7.    Provide Value. When you email your list, be sure to pack your newsletter, e-zine or blast with interesting and valuable content. I always recommend my clients follow the 80/20 rule. Eighty percent of the content should be informational, educational or helpful and 20% of the content is for your call to action.
8.    Watch your unsubscribe rates. This is an often overlooked factor, but it’s useful for letting you know when you are off track. If you send out what YOU thought was relevant content and see a larger than normal unsubscribe rate, you can quickly correct without causing much damage.

9.    Include an opt-in check box to your contact form. Make it easy for potential clients who are contacting you to sign up for your list. If they are interested enough to contact you, they are most often would like to be on your list.

10.    Have a thank you page that reminds subscribers that they need to confirm their email address. Getting potential clients to fill out the subscription box on your website is only half the battle. With permission based marketing you need them to double opt-in. In other words, they need to fill out your form, go to their email program and click a link before they are subscribed.

Managing their expectations and understanding of the process will make it MUCH more likely that they follow through and confirm their subscription.

Once you have these 10 tips working for you, it’s time to start marketing!

This Marketing article was written by Jennifer Davey on 7/18/2011

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