You must know that digital marketing, particularly, for longer sales cycles actually, revolves around building and boosting engagement. If you build a relationship with all your page visitors, they would be coming to you and they would regard and treat you as the authority in the industry. They would have full faith in you and trust everything that you would be telling them. Search engines are looking for this kind of engagement. A blog could be quite a major investment for many of you but it is worth the endeavor thanks to the SEO benefits it brings along.

A blog certainly is a brilliant content and SEO technique which allows the websites to create their specific brand, traffic, and also their goodwill and reputation. If you maintain and update a blog on a regular basis, you would be having access to a fabulous platform for generating fresh, original, and definitely, high-value content. This would be attracting more and more traffic hence, successfully boosting engagement and enhancing your SERP rankings. Blogging is really effective in improving search visibility.

Understanding and having a command over SEO is certainly not an easy affair and the matters are made worse by Google and its ever-changing algorithms and policies. However, if there is something which you could be doing the right way right from the beginning, it would be blogging. Here are some prominent reasons why blogging is a must for boosting your SERP rankings.

Why Must You Have a Blog?

Whether your website is concentrating on e-commerce, self-service or lead-generation there would certainly be a Predetermined Keyword Set that would be constraining you. This concept of a fixed or finite keyword set actually exists to necessarily deliver the most genuinely relevant content to your users every time. As per this notion, you would certainly not post a Pina Colada recipe on the fashion e-commerce store. Get in touch with a reputable agency such as SandCrestSEO for their guidance.

Your website must provide specialist knowledge regarding a specific subject matter. But if your SEO objective is to beat your competition and dominate the SERPs, you must think about something innovative and outstanding for expanding your content’s breadth and depth.

A blog is helpful to you in gaining SERP real estate that could be providing extra touch points for users for discovering your brand. When you generate new content, you would be naturally expanding the keyword set even though you are advised to perform effective keyword mapping simply by using Keyword Planner Tool of Google and planning your strategy in advance for ruling out URL confusion or keyword overlap.

SEO & the Conversion Funnel

If you appear in the SERPs more often, there would be a boost in the CTR or the click-through rate. SEO is quite often used for awareness and discovery drives. Keeping this in mind, you may generate a few informative landing pages and use general keywords, instead of a long-tail one.

Once the consumer is entering the funnel he would not be aware of the fact that the buying process has been initiated. Many consumers would be starting their journey by doing effective research on the specific product or service and then doing a comparative analysis across all other existing brands. People are looking for solutions to a problem and they would realize the need for making a purchase while browsing through helpful answers, they would be discovering why they must make a purchase. It is your duty to help and educate your potential consumers when they seem to be brand-agnostic.

Breadth and Depth Expansion

While generating fresh content you must always think about what the consumers are looking for before they require your product. For instance, if you are selling stainless steel cookware, you must consider why people actually should know about Teflon pans being a health hazard. You may think about generating a blog post relating to this topic. This would be effectively educating your users and also influencing them to buy your product which is a better alternative. Write about things that are indirectly related to the topic. Publish content on anticipated topics for enriching your keyword set.


Creating content, especially, blogs could be truly challenging. Remember, coming up with blogs is crucial to the expansion of your specific brand presence. Additionally, when you infuse fresh content, Google would be compelled to crawl and index the website regularly. Fresh content would be contributing positively in boosting your overall SERP rankings. Suppose your website does not have on-page content because of some aesthetic issues, you could incorporate a blog, which is a brilliant way of augmenting your content offerings and answering specific queries.