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 So once you have been through the tough times of having bad credit, you may want to help share your knowledge and experience with others and learn how to start a credit counseling business.  Credit counseling is, not too surprisingly, a high-demand industry right now which is very good as it presents excellent opportunities to potential entrepreneurs and offers and excellent service to the people that are in need of it.
What are you going to need to show in your service?  You will probably need to teach people how to come up with a plan to first consolidate their credit, then prioritize the payment of their loans, then start replacing their bad credit with good credit.  To do this, you can simply show them how to select good credit counseling services (usually non-profit organizations that help people, rather than aggressively soliciting schemes that end up hurting people more than they help), and show how you can use other things like student loans in order to consolidate loans into a single, low interest premium.  You can also show people how to re-budget their lives, putting priority on the things that matter rather than the things that don’t, and show them how living on a budget can be a blessing in disguise as it helps people gain an appreciation for things that they never knew they had.  Most people don’t understand these things, and you can show them how to start.
A credit counseling business should be done with good intentions, first and foremost.  The customer base is at a disadvantage by definition; because they have poor credit, they will tend to lack the sharp judgment that makes many people wealthy.  Your experience can show them great things, and maybe they will be interested in learning how to start a credit counseling business on their own later on.

This Business article was written by Mark Karavan on 3/28/2010