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The latest study by Assignments Plus of the business apppointments of leading companies throughout the world has identified the following defining characteristics of a successful senior manager:

· Exhibits a real knowledge of the company, an empathy for its mission, and a genuine commitment to its goals and values.

· Has significant direct experience of the business and a proven, demonstrable record of achievement in the relevant management areas.

· Possesses outstanding planning, organisational and project management skills. Is a strategic and visionary thinker with a successful track record in developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating strategies and initiatives.

· Has a disciplined and methodical approach to handling multiple projects simultaneously.

· Has the confidence and ability to prioritise and address a wide range of goals and issues.

· Thrives in a demanding working environment and is committed to setting and meeting tight – but realistic – deadlines.

· Is committed to building a strong team and creating a culture that recognises and rewards teamwork success. Respects and shares ideas and knowledge. Has a natural talent for establishing enduring relationships.

· Adapts readily to changing roles, methods, and situations. Is flexible, open-minded, and responsive to new ideas. Embraces challenge as welcome opportunity and displays a positive “can do” attitude.

· Is a logical thinker with strategic and pragmatic analytical skills. Has an innovative, imaginative and creative approach to problem solving. Is equally comfortable applying logic, reason and lateral thinking to tasks and challenges.

· Has the ability to engage with individuals and groups at a variety of levels and from wide-ranging backgrounds.

· Possesses outstanding verbal and written communication skills. Can assimilate and translate complex information into concise and lucid formats. Displays excellent presentational skills.

· Is an articulate and persuasive negotiator with dynamic influencing skills.

· Has the self-confidence and ability to take the initiative when required.

· Is passionately committed to high-quality customer care and service excellence.

· Manages resources effectively. · Is computer literate and conscientious in updating Web knowledge and research skills.

· Possesses excellent time-management skills.

· Demonstrates a real commitment to continuous improvement; and sets programmes in place to ensure the structured development and progression of all other members within the company or organisation.

This Business article was written by Gerard McLoughlin on 3/11/2005

From ‘Four Minutes to Job Interview Success’ published by Assignments Plus.