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You have heard it a hundred times where employees use the refrain… “well you think YOU have it BAD?!?” This is something which many will roll their eyes at because the common tit for tat attitude is one which people just do not have time for. On the other hand, if you have never taken the time to put yourself in another person’s position, you will never really understand what they are going through.

This is the exact concept behind the Undercover Boss TV show. It allows people to really see what the other half is going through on a daily basis. This is important so that you can understand what they are going through and maybe try to help them to have a slightly better situation.

One of the situations where people always complain that they have it bad is when dealing with customers in an inbound call center. This is because you deal with all kinds of callers from all different parts of the nation. The work conditions for the people working these jobs is often pretty bleak with no sunlight coming in at all and stale air to breath. Worst of all, you do not get paid very much money to work in these kinds of conditions. It is no surprise that the average telephone answering service has fairly high turnover.

These are pretty bad conditions when you consider it. When you add on to that the fact that the upper management is always trying to make sure that the call room is getting better results, it makes it very difficult. The best way to make those filling these positions feel more like they want to do their job is to give them a reason. Show them how invaluable they are to the rest of the office.

One of the ways that you can show them that they are a meaningful part of the staff is to throw them an appreciation party. Get together other members of the team and have a cake and some decorations just to show those in the call room that you care about the work that they do. This kind of motivation will help them to be able to feel inspired to do better work.

If at all possible, you might even want to provide the call center with a better environment to work in or at least better decorations. This is because the majority of call centers have no windows and minimal if any decorations. By livening up their workspace, you will be able to give them a more positive outlook. When they are feeling better, you will notice that the customers are happier.

While you cannot solve all of the problems for the call center staff, you can at least make it where the staff is getting better treatment than they are used to and this will make all of the difference in creating a better work atmosphere. This is the recipe for success.


This Business article was written by Shannon Suetos on 9/27/2010

Shannon Suetos is the online editor at Resource Nation. She writes expert advice for small businesses and entrepreneurs.