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One of the most valuable assets to veterans for business financing assistance is the small business administration. Founded in 1953, shortly after the return of many soldiers from the second world war, the Small Business Administration was created by the Eisenhower administration to help get financial options to veterans, and it grew over a long period of time to accommodate the needs of other groups. The SBA remains one of the most essential government entities for the guarantee of VA business loan programs, many of which are available through the Veteran’s administration.

The newest development in VA loan programs is the Center for Veterans Enterprise, or CVE. The CVE is dedicated to helping veterans build and maintain businesses, and they do so through a program that they call VetBiz. VetBiz, accessible through its own website,, is an online database that keeps prospective veteran entrepreneurs up-to-date with news about financial aid programs directly from the federal government.

VetBiz also goes two ways: it enables veterans to update their own information into the VetBiz database, so as to provide other veterans and the government with information about existing and upcoming veteran businesses. Veteran businesspeople can network with each other through VetBiz, and can help veterans and service-disabled find work.

VetBiz is an essential addition to the SBA’s service of providing VA business loan programs, as it not only helps veterans gain the resources they need to finance their endeavors, it’s also an encouraging symbol of American pride, showing that we care for and are willing to extend all the necessary help to our veterans to help them live a piece of the American dream.

This Business article was written by Mark Karavan on 1/3/2010