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One of the keys to success with any business is to have a good business operations manager. Of course, in a small business the owner and business operations manager may be one and the same person, but the principles are still the same. The business, regardless of its size, must be run efficiently and have every aspect of the operation coordinated. This includes the overseeing and managing of employeesand maintaining and controlling inventory in the case of a business that sell products.


A good business operations manager is also usually responsible for keeping the customers happy by dealing with customer complaints. All of this requires continuous on the job training no matter how much formal schooling has taken place. It is also usually helpful to get expert advice and this can be obtained in a variety of ways. There are courses offered by many companies to help train a new business operations manager or to bring an existing one up to date on new techniques and innovations.


There is good training available from many sources on the Internet to help a business operations manager keep abreast of important developments. The important thing is to remember that businesses products and services are always changing and it’s important not to fall behind in either marketing or development.  


It is very important for a business operations manger to keep up with all of the laws and regulations that may impact the business such as employment related laws and ordinances. This includes everything that is adopted on the federal, state, or local level that may impact day-to-day operations. Again, the Internet can be a good source for this information.

This Ebusiness article was written by Jerry Travers on 10/31/2007

Jerry Travers is a Business Professional With 17 Years Experience.