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For many entrepreneurs it may seem like it is easier to buy an existing business then to start an entirely new one from the ground up. This can be true, but in order to be successful it is necessary to first learn how to buy a business. It is not as easy as it may seem at first glance because there can be pitfalls. A business may be offered for sale by the owner for many reasons including the retirement of the owner or the fact that an owner has just decided to go into another business.


On the other hand, a business may be sold because it is in financial trouble. Sometimes it can be hard to tell when this is the case and that’s why it is important to learn how to buy a business. It may be a good idea to buy a business that is in financial trouble because it will usually be cheaper. However, the potential buyer needs to research the business to find out why it is having problems and whether a good business plan can turn it around and make it a profitable enterprise.


Learning how to buy a business also means making sure that when the buyer makes the purchase he or she gets all of the assets that are needed to run the business and as few of the liabilities as possible. The purchase of a business that requires the new owner to assume massive debts is obviously not a good idea. Some debts will have to be assumed, but not necessarily all of them.


The key in learning how to buy a business is learning how to research every aspect of the business and decide if the purchase will be beneficial.

This Ebusiness article was written by Jerry Travers on 11/10/2007

Jerry Travers is a Business Professional With 17 Years Experience.