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 In this article I`m talking about the best link building strategies you most use to increase your popularity and establish yourself as an authority in your niche. I have spent several months to find those techniques and what you get here is only the “cream”.Best of all several techniques described here step-by-step will help you to drive massive amounts of targeted traffic. If you are a newbie or simply you want to learn more about link building then this article is what you need.

So without further ado…let`s dive in

Link Building is by far the most time consuming task in your efforts to dominate the search engines for your keywords. Practically link building is the process of building anchor text backlinks on other websites that will link back to your main site. Easy to say but hard to do. The more backlinks you have the higher you will rank in the search engines. But is not enough to have a high number of backlinks if Google doesn`t count them

1. Here`s The Most Important Tactic To Ensure That Google Will Count All Your Backlinks

The easiest strategy to get high quality backlinks is by syndicating your RSS feeds to all  the different RSS aggregators. Google pays close consideration to RSS feeds and normally the vast majority of them are indexed within hours.

Now I will present you how you can leverage your RSS feeds efforts in an effort to get 10 times as many backlinks.

What you most do is to create a custom RSS feed for each and every task you do online. No matter if you submit an article, upload a video on Youtube, create a squidoo lens…etc you most create an RSS feed for each of those.

The majority of the web 2.0 sites like EzineArticles, Youube, Squidoo, Hubpages..etc… have their own built-in RSS feed and I recommend you to use those websites especially if you are a beginner. By using those sites you  will save precious time.

To better understand this technique let`s take the following example :

Let`s say you have 4 articles published, 2 videos uploaded on a video site and 1 squidoo lens. Your job is to collect all the rss feeds (7 feeds in this case) and combine those feeds into one BIG feed that you will submit to all the different RSS agregators.

To combine those feeds into one feed you will use a site called Once you sign up at their website all you need to do is to paste the different urls into the box and hit the “combine” button. You will then receive your unique feed url. Take that url submit it to some RSS directories and you`re done with this.

Yes but how do I find my RSS Feed url ?

Usually the RSS feed is displayed on your browser in the “address” field. On the right side look for the little orange box, click on it and you will have your RSS url.

2. Widgets – One of the most untapped link building methods

This technique is certainly one of my favourite because it only takes me a couple of minutes to implement however the results are very good.

Widgets are another nice solution to build hundreds of backlinks and drive focused traffic to your website. Widgets are mini web applications that could be very simply integrated into facebook profiles, different web sites, iGoogle and more.

The most popular widgets includes, information, games, and wheather reports. Because of this a widget can virally spread your hyperlinks to 1000’s of various websites. Best of all in an effort to create your individual widget you don`t need any experience in coding or every other programming knowledge. Thanks to the superior right now technology you could instantly turn your website into a widget using a free site called

After creating your widget it`s time to promote it on the following widgets directories :

Google Widget Directory

Yahoo Widgets

Widget Gallery



Netvibes Widgets Directory

3. Tutorial Sites

Tutorial websites are another great alternative to build high quality backlinks. If your web site is build arround seo, web marketing, website development then you could possibly use tutorial sites to build even more backlinks and also drive extra traffic to your website in the meantime. You could find actually tons of of educational sites to submit your own tutorials , nevertheless i have outlined beneath the ones that i personally use with great success – One of the biggest name in this field this website has devoted sections for marketing and search engine optimization.

Other websites includes :

4. Getting Authority Backlinks From The Biggest Online Publications Like The Wall Street Journal, CNET, FoxNews  And More

Having backlinks from the largest publications like The Wall Street Journal, New York Instances, Usa Today, FoxNews and others will have a big impact in your SERPS, not to mention the tremendous traffic you will get.  Over the past years many people have been strugled to get their articles posted on these publications without any luck

One question remains : Is there any way to get my articles published on those websites ?

The answer :  Yes. Finally there are some ways to do this.

The first technique is by using a site called All you have to do is to sign up at their website and then submit your website RSS feed. Once you are accepted all your articles will start being picked up by some of those publications.

Note ! For best results submit only your website RSS feed and not the custom feeds you have created earlier. After testing and tracking i have found that this works the best.

The second technique is a little easier but still very powerfull. For this you will need to go to Pretty similar to, Sphere is also being used by the most trusted websites like Washington Post, Reuters, Time and more allowing you to get listed on those websites also. Another good part of using those websites is the fact that you could establish yourself as an authority in your niche pretty fast. People trust those websites and lies to read almost everything they publish. Thisis one of the main reason that explains the tremendous traffic those websites receives every day.

5. Download Sites –  A Strategy That 99% Of the People Don`t Know It

You probably have heared of sites like or On those websites people can download different software trials like windows applications, antiviruses and more . After you have downloaded your applications inside them you will find an .EXE file

An .exe file is an executable file that could be found on every software. But there is one small trick here that most people don`t even know it.

Did you know that you could create an .exe file from every HTML page ?  Ok, ok  but what`s the point ? Probably you are asking yourself this question right now. Well, after you create your own .exe file you could submit it to the top downloading sites for tons of extra backlinks and traffic. Sites like , receives millions of unique visitors each month and the number of downloaded applications is up to 200 millions monthly.

Best of all have a great ranking power so if you do some market research you could get a top 10 ranking in Google even for the most competitive keywords with your .exe file

What you need to do is to convert your article into an HTML page first. Again you don`t need special knowledge for this. Luckily there are some free tools that we can use to create the exe file. A simple search on google will reveal many of them. I personally use WebsiteZipPacker .

Once you made the html page all you need to do is to open the application enter the html page you`ve created hit a few buttons and…voila you have an .exe file.

Next you would need to create a PAD file. Basically this PAD file will be submitted to the download sites. The PAD file contains all the information about your application such as title, release date, license, expiration date and more.

To create your pad file I recommend you Pad Creator . Is free to use and they also have screenshots to help you understand better this process.

6. Forum Links

Forum links are another part of you link building tools not to mention the traffic you could get using those links. In order to get the most out of this technique you first need to begin your search and find the largest forums in your niche. Luckily for you there is a site called Just visit their forum directoru and look for you niche market and you`re in.

Now the next step is to sign-up on the largest forums and then edit your signature file and begin by contributing to the forum. Make usefull posts and try to build a reputation.

Since this technique is very time-consuming I recommend you instead to buy signature links from the top users. A good criteria when you look for a good user is to have at least 1000 posts. Next your job is to contact him and make an offer. You will be surprised to see how cheap this could be especially because on forums that are outside the internet marketing niche people don`t realize the power of their signature links

Thank you for reading this entire article. I hope you find those information very usefull and start to implement them as soon as possible.

7. Internal Link Building

There is one more link building strategy that most people don`t even know it. It`s a technique called “internal link building” and involves using your own website link power for ranking high in the search engines for your keywords.

You probably don`t know but each page of your website has his own linking power. The page with the highest power is your main homepage also know as index file.

To apply this method what you need to do is to place anchor text backlinks in certain places on your website. The best places are the category pages and the footer section. For the people who know this technique foother links are the most used part. If you take a closer look at different websites you will find that some of them have their main keyword phrase placed in the footer section. This simply feature allows them to rank high for their keywords. Of course it all depends on your competition but using this little trick will give you a big advantage.

If you want to take your internal link building structure one step further you need to use what we called “contextual links”. Contextual links are links placed within the body of your articles. A good example here is the popular Wikipedia . Every wikipedia article has contextual links and this is why Wikipedia dominates the search engine results for tons of different keywords including the most competitive ones.

This Ebusiness article was written by Turburan Octavian on 1/7/2011

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