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I’ll go ahead and recommend Arbonne International right now. Europeans have a long tradition of herbal medicine and are light years ahead of the recent developments in complimentary therapies now gaining respect in the United States.

The company’s Swiss formulated botanical care lines are additive free, not tested on animals, contain no animal products and have natural fragrances. They are packaged in beautiful recycled packaging. The products are manufactured in the United States.

Arbonne International has many things that gain my respect. You’ll want to consider the fine pure Swiss skin care products; cosmetics, aromatherapy, and nutritionals. This respected line will make your work as a distributor much easier.

Arbonne International boasts solid financial growth giving competitors like Mary Kay and Avon a run for their money with approximately 28% growth yearly and worldwide sales of 35 million dollars.

Arbonne International treats distributors very well. Commissions are 35% of sales and a percentage on your down line. From your home office, you’ll also have insurance benefits, travel perks, sponsorship bonuses, and the opportunity to earn a Mercedes Benz for top sales performance.

Arbonne International can get you started in their program today for as little as $29.00. If you’d prefer a deluxe starter kit, one can be obtained for about $ 65.00.
With over 300 products to share with your clients, the reputation and opportunity offered you by Arbonne International are great. So, if you want a tangible product and if you are passionate about health and beauty, this company should serve you well.

This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 9/8/2005

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