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I am sold on Armand Morin. I am not ready to purchase all of his tech products, but I am onboard for the ones that currently meet my marketing objectives. Some of his products are so revolutionary that I’ll venture to say that he has one product that you can’t afford to be without. I am referring to Instant Audio.

Instant Audio is a super product. I’d recommend purchasing it immediately. Your clients can, with Instant Audio installed, call a toll free number and record a testimonial on your behalf. That testimonial can be transferred to your website where people can now hear your clients praise your website, your products, and your customer service. With Instant Audio your website will be much more interactive for potential customers.

Armand Morin also created products I have not yet used. They all begin with the word Generator and are as follows: eCover, Instant pdf, PopOver, Audio, Header, SalesLetter, FlashPal, SmartPage, ToolBar and eBook. I am going to test them to see if they simplify my Internet/PC experience. I also want to test them for applicability to my business.

I will keep you updated on Armand Morin.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/5/2006

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