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Another successful real estate guru worth learning from, and if you can afford it, mentoring with for the long term success of your own venture into real estate investment  is Claude Diamond.

Claude Diamond’s courses include the Lease Purchase Homestudy Success Kit for around $600.00.  This is the course presented without the personal mentoring.  If you need a coach, you can purchase the mentoring service beginning at about $2000.00.  I am not aware of how this relationship would work, and what you get for that cost, but with Mr. Diamond’s stellar reputation, I am sure any questions you may have he would be glad to answer.  Mr. Diamond is a rare duck in this business, he answers his own phone lending credibility to an already good product.

If you are interested in mentoring as a primary home based business, or if you would like to add coaching as an adjunct income, Mr. Diamond offers a very well written book, The Mentor – A Story of Success."  And, for about $600.00 Claude Diamond’s Course on mentoring, Coaching, Consulting & Mentor Training Course.

Mr. Diamond holds a law degree, and specializes in lease purchase real estate investment.  He is recommended.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/7/2006

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