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Stay away from ETraffic Jams. Best be warned that ETraffic Jams cost thousands and does not deliver the goods it promises. My mentor had the unfortunate experience of getting personally involved with ETraffic Jams. Thus, this story is secondhand. I pass it along to you so that you will be spared what he suffered.

ETraffic Jams provides reciprocal linking services for business websites. The more links your site has the better your site will be ranked in the search engines. So, my mentor paid for 50 links and was told that the job would be completed in 30 days. Thirty days later, nothing had been done. How did he know nothing had been done? My mentor is one smart Internet cookie. He had placed a tracking device on his URL and he knew exactly what ETraffic Jams was doing and what they weren’t doing.

After repeated promises to do the work, and six weeks into the business arrangement with ETraffic Jams, my mentor requested a full refund of his money. He was treated with complete disrespect. Michael Pedone of ETraffic Jams refused to return the money for the work he failed to do.

I’m passing along the word that ETraffic Jams is not worthy of your business, not that they do any business.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 9/8/2005

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