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FreeLife International looked and acted like a thoroughbred right out of the starting gate. Founder Ray Taltinsky parlayed his company into the limelight by recognizing the pulse of professional white collar America. His ability to combine the scientific research and expertise of Dr. Earl Mindell (The Vitamin Bible) in order to develop, manufacture, and drive 15,000 + reps to the chosen markets is remarkable.

FreeLife International patent protected soy product line, its extensive line of anti-oxidants, herbal products, meal replacement supplements, enzymes, and anti-aging products are top of the line. Supplies last 30 days and can be purchased online with ease.

Get excited about the unilateral commission structure. All you have to do to get started is make an initial purchase of either $70.00 or $140.00, whichever is more reasonable for you, and also include a starter sales kit for $29.00. With a $70.00 initial purchase 4 levels of compensation are paid out. And with $140.00 initial purchase, 7 levels of compensation are paid out.

There could be some serious income here because the complete marketing plan is quite generous; paid down to 7 levels, 10% at 7th level, payout maxed at 61%, no need to have enrollees, no group volume required, toll free ordering, company ships from factory, no breakaways, and 1%,3%,5% infinity bonuses start at level 1. Compression and rollup are also included marketing plan incentives.

Success Magazine was all over this as early as 1995 when FreeLife International had a cover. MLM Insider said keep your eyes on FreeLife International giving it a thumb up for compensation and market smarts. Profit Now (Jan/Feb 1996 Ed) gave FreeLife International its highest rating. If sources like this are jumping on as early as the mid-nineties, I’d guess FreeLife International has a long term viable game plan.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/5/2006

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