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I have a mixed gut reaction to Shawn Casey. I have an unsettled feeling regarding his motives because I sense a lack of sincerity, but I will withhold judgment for now. I don’t like his style, but that isn’t what I am after here. I want to know if what he wants you to buy from him will work for you.

I recently read his book, Mining Gold on the Internet, and there were content issues that troubled me. Now, here’s a man who has amazing product guarantees that come with the book purchase. Product guarantees are good. I’m supposed to be able to make $1000.00 in profit in 5 to 15 days. That’s all well and good, but his whole motive is to get me to joint venture with him.

Joint ventures are great with the right products and the right partners. Partners must be screened with a fine tooth comb. My feeling from Shawn Casey is that any joint venture with him will be completely self serving.

I found no new, no innovative, no remarkable marketing techniques. And, I didn’t care for his selfish payment system for joint ventures or his claims which I could not replicate.

There wasn’t much new here and I’ll recommend Shawn Casey only if you go in with both eyes open. Maybe I can be proven wrong on this guy. Call me if you have had any experience with him or his methods.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/5/2006

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