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Referral Ware is one of the very smartest affiliation schemes out there. It is a group of companies associated to collect membership fees. Can you blame me for acknowledging this genius?

The system works like this. I have just started a business, either online or offline, and I need help finding customers. Referral Ware steps in to help me get the referrals (leads) I need to be successful. Not once will Referral Ware try to uncover what business I am in.

All I have to do is look over several companies and their services and choose the best business fit for me. To have ongoing access to all this help, member site, bonuses, etc., all I have to do is pay a monthly member maintenance fee. The average fees here are $19.00 and up.

What happens next is a constant pressure from the sales staff at Referral Ware to have me sign up for all the additional companies they represent so that I have that much extra help. This will cost me more membership fees. By now, I have also learned that the free leads I was promised are not entirely free. No surprise here.

So, if you believe these companies who are calling themselves Referral Ware are in business for nothing more than securing monthly maintenance fees from business owners unable to generate their own leads and business traffic, then take a second look.

I will gladly share with you techniques and tools that create qualified leads and drive traffic to your business. Referral Ware will make no effort to discover how they might truly help you, but you will make them richer if you fall for this.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 9/8/2005

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