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Global Domains International came to me without inquiry in my email box one day from someone I had never heard of or met. Global Domains International is a multi-level marketing, affiliate program. It touts itself to be an online business opportunity that offers true financial security by allowing serious long term promoters to make money “without limits”.

According to a marketing newsletter that I received from a Global Domains International affiliate, Global Domains International (GDI) business plan is simple. It’s based on the sale of the GDI domain name and website package. The entire package cost $10.00 per month, but it’s a product that millions of people use.” So for $120.00 a year I get a domain name and a clone website. Please correct me if this statement is incorrect and you have additional information or would like to comment on the dialogue box at Home Biz Critic.

That last statement is true. The material continues by stating that “everyone with a personal or business website on the Internet needs a domain name.” The newsletter goes on to say, and I quote verbatim, “that’s what allowed founders Michael Reed and Alan Ezeir to register more than a quarter of a million domain names on their own, even BEFORE they launched the “Income for Life™” Affiliate Division of the company.”

Continuing, the material states, “the best thing about this industry is that once people have their domain name and have a web site built, they tend to want to hang on to it – long term. They continue to pay for it month after month, year after year. That leads to a very low attrition rate (low number of dropouts), and a very good long term growth.”

I don’t know about you, but my domain name and website hosting are far less than this. I pay less than $10.00 per year for my domain names and less than $3.95 per month for hosting my original websites. Clone websites have all sorts of inherent problems getting listed on the search engines which might not be a problem if people doing business with GDI have original sites, but what about the affiliates? Are they subject to the GDI clone site?

Here’s what GDI says about income potential. “GDI has also released an INFINITY BONUS plan. That means once you reach a certain level of success in GDI, you will be paid on levels 6 – infinity, not on just levels 1-5 as with the standard compensation plan. The Infinity Bonus has been the deciding factor in MANY 7 figure incomes.”

For those of you looking for an affiliate program, this may be worth exploring further. GDI goes on to say, that “GDI is the perfect opportunity for long term financial security.” Promising low cost, high 50% payout on all revenues generated, unlimited width, Infinity Bonus plan, automation and technology that do the work for you GDI sounds too good to be true.

However, there may be pause for consideration as GDI has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, the San Diego Tribute, and Inc. Magazine’s “Top 500 List”. It is listed in the “Top 500 List” as the 37th fastest growing privately held company in the United States.

GDI goes on to state that, “it has been a successful business since 1999, but just launched the new division of the company that is allowing people like you and I to earn hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in extra income every month.”

The GDI marketing piece I received goes on to encourage me to do my due diligence, to accept the “Choosing a Home Business eCourse series that they will be emailing me, and that I will never pay a dime during the 7 day free trial.

I tried to contact the affiliate that sent me all of this information via email, but received no response. I am working on making telephone contact with the same affiliate. So, stay tuned, I am in the process of learning more and I encourage you to do the same before making your decision. Any legitimate business offer provides all the resources you need to make an informed decision.

This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 9/8/2005

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