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Businesses fail for any number of reasons. Many offer inferior products to an already skeptical and educated public. Others over promise and under deliver in any number of areas. Some can’t attract or hold talent, so in the MLM world for a company to have a 5th anniversary date is phenomenal. Heritage Health did just that, and was only one of 30 some odd companies to do so. Heritage Health is, as are many of the players in MLM, in the health, wellness, and beauty business. They have a product for everything&ldots;the soup-to-nuts of disease and weight management. I don’t know the product claims, have no information on the processing or purity, but can tell you this; that Heritage Health is more about making you believe that you will get rich being their distributor than about the products. These products are already tapped to attract a world wide market which is reflected in the 80% sales volume outside of the United States.

Heritage Health offers a fine compensation program because the founders, Karl Schakel, Wayne Harding, and Bob Terry, are very smart men having proven themselves in business long prior to the birth of Heritage Health. They are running this business to make money and want you to be happy with the money you are making off of them. There is expertise here in food production, marketing, overseas marketing, and business management. It doesn’t surprise me that talent like this is still around after 5 years.

Heritage Health is going to offer you double digit commission at levels one through six, 5% at level seven, a 2.5% Infinity bonus based on the entire company sales volume worldwide, a car program, and mentoring through a loose kit club type arrangement of membership affiliation.

As I mentioned you can get products for weight loss, mental clarity, joint mobility, heart health, respiratory health, pain management, insomnia, and youth restoration.
I am not a chemist, nutritionist, or health expert of any kind and would suggest you try the products to determine effectiveness prior to representing them.

Again, this company is prospering in emerging markets overseas where local drug stores are not a commodity and where unadulterated food, water, and soil are a luxury. Good for them. I would like to have a representative from the United States contact me and go over the product line.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/5/2006

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