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Mr. Napier is another in a long line of real estate gurus.  He has done many good things since he entered the scene back in 1973. His appeal is very broad due to his plain speaking presentation style.  He begin in the business like a lot of folks, going to seminars, taking classes, and generally getting hands on experience.  All of this contributes to his believability and makes his information easy to digest.  Much of his material is basic, but if you are getting into the business, Mr. Napier may be the right choice for you.

Start by reading his book, Invest in Debt, to discover if what Mr. Napier has to say feels like a fit for you.  You can also purchase CDs that include topics such as, Basic Paper Course, The Power of Negotiating, and 70 Cash Flow and Wealth Building Ideas.

The Money Maker Report is his newsletter.  You can get it monthly.  Mr. Napier’s "Napier Method" can be had in a seminar, as well, if you are interested.  He did get himself into a pickle several years back in a Pensacola, Florida.  During one of his seminars he let his students negotiate real estate transactions using his methods.  Several of his students lost money, which did not help him or he course reputation much.

This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/7/2006

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