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I have no doubt that John Reese is the big success that he claims to be. I first ran across John Reese through Mike Filsaime’s newsletter. I am led to believe that Mike Filsaime may have a either a joint venture arrangement or is an affiliate/ reseller for John Reese and his marketing course, Traffic Secrets because of the newsletter promotion. He also suggests that you can check out Traffic Secrets at

Traffic Secrets is marketed as the end all and be all of Internet marketing courses. It is guaranteed to provide the tips and secrets, if applied, to transform your online business forever and the numerous testimonials speak to that fact. However, all the testimonials come with a disclaimer that the results are atypical.

John Reese himself states in his open letter that Traffic Secrets is for “every online marketer who is serious about flooding their websites with more traffic than they can handle.”

I ordered the course before I talked to my network because the testimonials provided were powerful and it’s my job to review these offers. Since Traffic Secrets is not cheap, costing me $1035.50, but having sold over $1,080,496.37 in the first 24 hours, I immediately went online and forked over the money to purchase the course.

I received an electronic invoice stating that my 38 pound course would be shipped immediately. I was charged for the full purchase price 48 hours after placing my order. I was told that I would receive a UPS tracking number via email immediately.

I waited. About 10 days later with still no UPS tracking number in hand and no course, I called the phone number for Infoback Corporation listed on my invoice and left a voice mail inquiring about the status of my order. Three days later and having received no follow-up, I queried via email to John Reese by way of his website. I waited and no answer.

So after two weeks of waiting, I called my credit card company and filed a dispute. Not long after doing this, I received an email stating that Infoback Corporation was moving their warehouse facilities and that my course would be shipped shortly and without delay. Uhmm&ldots;what timeline did ship shortly mean? I had now paid for and not received a course that according to my invoice had been shipped immediately, and no UPS tracking number had ever arrived via email to let me know the course had been shipped.

I responded that I didn’t want the course and that such terrible customer service could be remedied by saving both parties the shipment and aggravation of returning Traffic Secrets.

I now did what I should have done originally and put out feelers to my network. A business friend in Florida that had purchased Traffic Secrets assured me that I wasn’t going to be missing any hidden secrets John Reese’s course and that he had himself pursued returning the course he purchased during the 90 day risk free trial period by leaving voice mail messages at Infoback Corporation daily requesting his refund.

I received Traffic Secrets anyway. After asking them not to ship my course, they shipped it anyway. I received the UPS tracking number the very day the course was delivered, now almost three weeks after the initial promised immediate shipment.

I returned Traffic Secrets immediately via UPS to Infoback Corporation, sent all the paperwork off to my credit card company, and expect a full refund shortly.

Customer service is a crucial component of any business. All the fame, money, and power in the world doesn’t forgive such terrible neglect in communication with someone willing to give you their hard earned money. I truly believe there are no secrets to Internet success and that many of the excellent marketing masters reviewed at this site provide such information through their books, websites, and seminars. They also provide a level of customer service that gives them online integrity.

You can’t tell people you are going to do something and not do it. A simple email to all purchasers of Traffic Secrets while Infoback Corporation was moving its facilities or revising the original invoice to state accurate shipping times and tracking number receipt would have been all that was necessary. Tell your customers what to expect. They will respect you for it.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/5/2006

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