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John Stefanchick is another name in the real estate game.  He has a mixed reputation for a couple of problems with both the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission in 2005 (FTC File No. 022-3246Civil Action No: CV04-1852.  But, I am unwilling to rule him out entirely because the feedback I get on his books is positive. 

He is the author of Wealth Without Boundaries and The Stefanchick Method: Earn $10,000 a Month for the Rest of Life In Your Spare Time.  Both titles speak to real estate investment as a wealth building vehicle.

What happened with the Better Business Bureau occurred in Salt Lake City and involved the Stefanchik Organization.  The company purpose was to promote the high priced real estate seminars that john Stefanchick was offering.  However, complaints landed Mr. Stefanchick an unsatisfactory rating.

The problem with the FTC was a little more complex.  Mr. Stefanchick working with the Beringer Corporation and Atlas Marketing, Inc had an injunction filed against them for deceptive marketing and sales practices for a course promising to teach customers how to make huge sums of money rapidly by selling mortgage paper.

All false claims were halted regarding the experience and availability of the program coaches and the potential earnings.

I am on the fence with John Stefanchick.  Read his books and learn all you can, but the seminars and his course, if still being offered, may be something you want to forego.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/7/2006

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