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Kara Vita is a company on the move. I was impressed immediately by the responsiveness of the Kara Vita leader in Michigan to my inquiries for more information on their organization. The website is intriguing and navigates well to discuss the following components of their program.

  • Product Story
  • Product Line
  • Skin Care
  • Company Information
  • Contact Information

Kara Vita has entered a very competitive skin care market with a proven success formula modeled after it’s predecessors in home party sales. This is the only avenue to meet with a consultant, purchase the products, and decide if this is the right affiliate program for you at present. Product purchase via the web is in the works (where your consultant will get credit). Kara Vita does not provide you with an affiliate website, so all your sales will be driven offline through direct distributorship.

I am not fond of clone sites, but I would be curious if an independent Kara Vita consultant could set up their own site for marketing and selling the products in addition to the home party model for sales.

I queried the company via the website for more information about the affiliate program and was contacted immediately. I disclosed my interest in reviewing the company favorably if answers to my questions could be provided. What I wanted to know involved how the downline worked. What was the depth and width? So, take note. These are the questions you ask of every MLM before you get involved.

Are there any fees to join or set up fees?
How often do you pay your affiliates?
How do you pay your affiliates?
Do I get paid for every single sale I send to you?
Can I cancel my affiliate account with you at any time I choose?
How long has this affiliate program been in business?
How does the affiliate program track sales? Is it cheatproof?
Does the system offer real time tracking?
Are there any things that can get you kicked out of the program?
What guarantees, refund policies, and customer service can be expected for your customers?

The company representative that contacted me assured me she would call me again or have someone else from the organization call me to discuss the above questions. And, true to their word, Grace Little came to my home to not only let me try the products, but to discuss how the program works. At the present time commission structures cannot be found on the website, but the company is not hiding anything and will gladly tell you how you can make money. I have the compensation information if you would like it emailed to you. But, essentially you can expect a 25% commission on initial sales until reasonable personal sales and group sales volumes are met. You don’t wait for your money from the company. You submit the total sales figure minus your commission before submitting your order for fulfillment. The company ships for you.

When I asked how the money back policy worked, I was guaranteed that if you ask, you got your money back immediately. However, the company says that most customers simply want to find the right skin care regimen and work toward this goal with their distributor instead of requesting a refund.

The products are patented and outstanding. I was so impressed with the quality and thought that went into developing the line that not only have I purchased, but I am going to work as a distributor in this ground level opportunity. I seldom get involved in any affiliate program, but I feel that Kara Vita is worth my time. Having multiple streams of income is still a philosophy that I embrace wholeheartedly.

My skin in less than 20 minutes was completely transformed and 8 hours later was still beautiful. I like products that make a difference in my life and keeping my skin radiant as I age is important to me.

Kara Vita has an innovative 8 hour release technology found in no other skin care product line. The company provides incredible training on all aspects of business including sponsoring others and product knowledge.

I am going to recommend Kara Vita as a good business opportunity for those of you interested in the health/wellness/beauty arena. Get in now. I have no doubt that those of you that do will find great reward both financially and emotionally. If you want to work with me, let me know.

You can go to their site here: Kara Vita


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