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Ok this review begins with a disclaimer.  All references to website are based totally on second hand reports to me.  I can neither prove nor disprove that the above mentioned website is the brainchild of Kelly Felix, but it sure reminds me of his other scores.  You can’t tell a thing from the website because everything is hidden.  I can tell you that a lot of money has fed this site since its launch last year due to its already high Alexa ratings.

Kelly Felix is a very smart man.  He also has a lot of money having successfully launched CreditPro, Inc and If he is behind site then you might want to sit up and pay attention because he is someone worth your time and your dollar.

What you are going to get at site is a 40 page, $97 ebook that is not for beginners.  The anonymous author has experience and a powerful, often in your face style of delivery.  This no hole barred website promises plenty, but again if it is the work of Kelly Felix, you can rest assured he means what he says.  The course is not complete in the sense that you have to come to it with a baseline Internet business knowledge.

One of the marketing techniques I most admired and one that would certainly protect the bottom line is the 45 day refund guarantee.  Yes, you get your money back but only if you can prove you worked the course.  No excuses accepted.  If you get your money back you tried the course and failed, plain and simple.  You proved it.  In all my searches, not one complaint was to be found regarding any failure to refund money when it was due.

There also seems to be an affiliate program for making the work viral.  Every review of the course I read ended with a link to purchase. 

I see no reason for you not to purchase this course due to favorable reviews and if your knowledge level warrants it.  I always prefer to know who wrote what I am reading, but whatever their reasons for not revealing their identities, the work has merit. 


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/3/2006

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