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I have never had the pleasure of meeting Canadian, Dr. Ken Evoy, but I have only respect for a man who has accomplished so many wonderful things. Dr. Evoy is worth reading because he’s driven to accomplish what he believes in, has made millions of dollars with successful game and toy products, has written and marketed software on the Internet (product development), and still practices medicine.

His biggest fan is Alan Gardyne, his mentor. Dr. Evoy’s body of work includes Make Your Site Sell! (several versions), Make Your Net Auction Sell!, Make Your Knowledge Sell!, Make Your Words Sell!, Make Your Price Sell! Take note that the titles alone are pure advertising genius.

Dr. Evoy spends his time today as an Internet marketer working his affiliate program. Be warned that his e-Books are long and dull. They are a tedious read in need of bullet point revision. But, none the less, if you will wade, it has advice you will profit from. For around $25.00 these books can be yours.

Learn from successful people! Dr. Ken Evoy is both successful and versatile. Being open to new ideas and flexible in product development has contributed to his total belief in what he is doing. Pretty powerful lesson for all of us.

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This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/5/2006

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