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I am not nor do I claim to be an expert on evaluating the validity of Ken Robert’s course, The World’s Most Powerful Money Manual. It’s about commodities, futures, trading and as Robert’s states, “it is the world’s one perfect business.” So, knowing my mentor had this course gathering dust on his office shelf, I called for the Ken Robert’s story. Here’s the scoop.

Ken Robert’s early days were spent as a life insurance salesman when he didn’t find college to his liking. His course was written in 1983, and it promises clients that they can become successful traders with less than $1000.00. It’s a course that mixes the metaphysical with the physical. So, for $195.00 you can learn to have it all through trading.

Since Robert’s has sold 300,000 plus copies of his course, he is a very wealthy man who no longer needs to trade commodities for a buck. My mentor went on to say that Roberts also offers seminars, a newsletter and his book, The Rich Man’s Secret. All of this adds up to even more money for Ken Roberts. So much money that he is the partial owner of California brokerage firm called Main Street Trading and a huge mansion in Grant’s Pass, Oregon.

One thing my mentor did stress about Ken Roberts was his huge talent as a direct mail marketer. He stated that Roberts may be the best direct mail marketer in the world.

Finally, Ken Robert’s course is highly predictive by nature with no material that could not be gleaned from a good commodities text from the library. So, ask yourself if this is the risk you want to take.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 9/8/2005

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