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Scott Rister took his business degree and headed into corporate America where after being downsized he became involved in real estate investing.  He now lives in Dallas and has property holdings in four states through his business, One Stop Realty, LLC.  He has become a huge success with his property acquisition techniques. 

From all my sources, I hear that Mr. Rister is a straight shooter with a lot of fans.  He has earned good reviews for his knowledge, his technology, his excellent real estate marketing skills, and his hands on approach to mentoring.  He is adept at finding motivated sellers and for creating target market approaches.  I hear his newsletter is a must read.   His books include:

  • Instant Cash Wholesaling Houses – $349.00
  • Find All the Motivated Sellers You Can Handle – $499.00
  • The Probate Profit Machine – $349.00

Mr. Riser has made it very clear that he feels that no one should have to pay thousands to get a super real estate education.  He proves it too.   I hear that if you purchase any of his courses you get unlimited access to him through email.  Send him a question and he sends you an answer.  If this is the case, then any of his courses are cheap indeed.

Please feel free to review Mr. Rister at this site.  Any and all feedback is appreciated.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/7/2006

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