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Did you know that your blog can turn into a substantial source of income? You just have to utilize some of the many online opportunities to make money with blogs. There are several options out there for you to choose from, including reviewing products, ad revenue sharing, joining an affiliate program, among many others. I’ve included a little extra information on the three mentioned.

Get paid for your opinions with pay-for-review sites. These types of sites will pay you to write reviews about their products in your blog. These blogs usually do not need to be very long, and will (probably) take little time to write. Some of the sites will even pay you up to $20 per blog! (Look into Pay-Per-Post, Blogsvertise, and ReviewMe for more on review sites.)

Just include some extra IDs in your blog and earn income with advertising revenue sharing sites. These sites allow you to “syndicate” your blog on their site and share whatever revenue your blog brings in with you. To do this, you just add your blog to their site (or start one there) and add Google Adsense IDs to your blog. One popular site,, will share the revenue with you 50/50!

Link up with an advertiser as their affiliate. Join into an affiliate program with an advertiser, who would pay you to promote their brand on your blog through text links, displaying their ads, including product links, etc. Usually for these, there are just some forms to fill out and you’re on your way to making some extra cash! (Check out commission junction for more info on affiliate programs.)

Now, some people feel that making money from your blog cheapens the content. The alternative to this is to give whatever income your blog makes to the charity of your choice. If others are profiting from their blogs, why can’t you use that to help others? Some sites, like, even give you the option to give the money directly to your favorite charity online. So there really is no downside to earning income from your blog!

This Entrepreneurship article was written by Jenn Summe on 8/18/2009

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