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It’s well known that blogging has revolutionized publishing, allowing anyone and everyone to go into print with the whole world as a potential audience. What isn’t so well known is the huge potential for making money with a blog.

Today there are numerous programs and offers available that make monetizing your blog very easy. You don’t have to have particular expertise or be a marketing genius to take advantage of them. Some of the plans don’t require you to do much more than write articles; they take care of the rest. Here are just a few suggestions to get you started:

1. Ad revenue sharing sites (good example: YouSayToo) republish your blog articles with advertising and then share the earned revenue with you. The good news here is that you don’t need to put any ads on your own site. Also, you can write about whatever you like.

2. Pay-for-review sites (examples: Pay-Per-Post, Blogsvertise, ReviewMe) pay you to write reviews for their clients’ products. If you have a blog, getting started is as easy as registering with one of these sites. They will then send you assigned products or sites to review. Payment for pay-for-review is typically a flat fee-per-article.

3. Affiliate programs pay you when visitors to your site click on your links to a company’s products or services. Sometimes a purchase is required; sometimes they pay just for the click-through. Commission Junction is a good place to find proven affiliate programs.

4. The most obvious way to make money with your blog is by advertisements placed directly on your blog page. Google’s AdSense is the best-known ad-serving service, but others like AdBrite, Clicksor, or BidVertiser are worth looking into. Typically these services pick up on keywords in your blog posts and then post ads that are relevant to the topic you are discussing. You get paid whenever a visitor clicks on one of these ads.

As you can see, making money with your blog is ridiculously easy. In most cases, all you need to do is register your blog with one of these services, then start writing. It doesn’t even have to cost you money to start a blog. Sites like WordPress and Blogger offer free, easy-to-create blogs that require no programming skills. Ad revenue sharing service YouSayToo even allows you to create your blog right on their site! Once you get started, how well you do will depend upon your ability to produce good content that will bring readers to your site and be relevant to the topics your advertising service(s) are pushing.

This Entrepreneurship article was written by Marcus Traph on 8/18/2009

Marcus is a blogger