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I was personally overwhelmed the first time I visited Matt Furey’s website at He’s a guy that teaches combat conditioning. Combat conditioning is billed as the “ultimate strength training and fitness program with superior body weight exercises that simultaneously burn fat, mold muscle, rocket launch strength, endurance, and flexibility&ldots;beginning right now.” Wow, that’s one heck of a statement.

You will find the site crowded with topics on many areas including fitness and conditioning, health, sports psychology and mind power, money making, catch wrestling and street fighting. This man is in top notch form and you can tell that he truly has an expertise and education in sports and exercise physiology.

What really blew my mind was that fitness is not the entire purpose of this site. Obviously, Matt Furey has found ways to teach internet marketing at his site. I won’t go any further. I can purchase his marketing secrets for an introductory price of $199.00, but I am choosing not to do so. The sales letter at the site says they are worth $1000.00, but the information contained within his marketing course is not clear. What is eluded to is reseller opportunities, but no specifics.

So, those of you that have purchased the Matt Furey marketing course are encouraged to write a review of his course and post it at this site. Any information or specifics that you could provide would be immensely helpful to me and to visitors at this site. I have to say that I am curious to see what the contents are and whether students of his course found it helpful. Would you also let me know what kind of financial results it produced for you and over what timeline?

Again, if you need to get in shape this guy has answers you may want to consider. It’s not a bad idea to be at your best while being an Internet marketing guru.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/5/2006

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