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Reliv International is a multi-level marketing (MLM) with some pretty impressive credentials.

Company Facts

  • Headquartered in St. Louis, MO. Business in commonwealth countries of Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Business in Mexico.
  • All products are patented. US Patents are not easy to obtain. Research, development time, and extensive testing is required prior to product market release.
  • Traded on NASDAQ. Listed on American Stock Exchange.
  • Long term company viability. Founded in 1988 with global presence, good press by International Business Magazine (Jan. 1994), excellent financials with open books. Even ten years ago, sales were in access of 65 million.

Product Facts

  • Nutritional supplements, wellness, personal care products.
  • Original product was Reliv Classic a powered supplement with essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Weight management meal replacement products with Reliv Classic formula base.
  • Sports drinks for rehydration/electrolyte replacement.
  • Healthy snacks with Reliv Classic formula base.

How Distributors Get Paid

  • 25% of retail at onset.
  • Sales volumes qualify distributors for better percentages if certain volumes obtained.
  • Highest percentage of commission once reached will never be diminished based on subsequent volumes.
  • No distributor maintenance volumes required.
  • No distributor minimum volumes to meet.
  • Downline provides distributors with additional 5 – 20 % commission based on level of sales volume.
  • Top level sales volume once reached by downline pays upline sponsor 5% first generation, 4% second and third generation, 3% fourth generation, and 2% fifth generation.


  • Check to make sure if inventory must be kept on hand for sales to coustomer at point of service. Reliv products are pricey and keeping a supply on hand may still be required.

If nutritionals are your passion and you enjoy working with affiliate programs, this one has a rock solid reputation.


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