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Robert Kiyosaki is the very famous author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad a book that compares diametrically opposed approaches to business success through a study of personal relationships Mr. Kiyosaki had as a child growing up.

His biological father represents his ‘poor dad” business philosophy which included working hard, investing in education, staying out of debt, and saving money. “Rich dad” teachings about business came from a friend’s father. This man used credit, investors, and debt as a means to success often living life beyond his means as he developed his own businesses.

Robert Kiyosaki has much to say. His writing is principled, balanced, and applicable for all entrepreneurs regardless of the stage of business development they may be in. What he says about money and finances should be digested and absorbed. His real estate advice is also sound. As an aside, much of Mr. Kiyosaki’s wealth appears to have come from savvy real estate investing.

I recommend you read Rich Dad, Poor Dad and take the teachings to heart. And, if real estate investing is your preferred vehicle to personal wealth (not mine) he is among the best teachers available and well worth emulating.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/3/2006

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