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Founded in 1994, ProStep Direct has over 10 years of experience helping thousands of network marketers succeed in their primary business. ProStep Direct can be found on the web at where ProStep Direct offers a “comprehensive platform which includes pre-qualified prospects, sales and marketing training, automated prospecting systems, and a host of other tools to build your business in record time.”

ProStep Direct products include:

  • Leads that are verified prior to contact for their interest in a home based business.
  • Leads that are in compliance with the National Do Not Call List and the Can-Spam legislation.
  • Memberships starting at $99.00 a month; the service provides coaching, training, leads, customer support, video email, autoresponder, contact manager, website, and back office.
  • Required purchase of one time New Member Underwear Entrepreneur tool kit at $69.00.
  • Additional services with upgraded memberships include: pro-call (automated outbound voice message service), procom (custom voice mail and fax on demand service), and protalk (personal 50 port conference call bridge).

ProStep Direct rewards you for signing up additional members. Commissions are paid on personally referred wholesale members with 2 types of commission being paid. These include the immediate referral commissions and the monthly residual commissions. A 20% referral fee is paid when any member you refer purchases any wholesale membership package (see website for packages). Monthly residual commissions are paid at 20% provided you are at the same level of membership or higher as your referrals. Even if you are at a lower membership level, you will receive a reduced percentage. Memberships renew automatically each month unless cancelled.

Kevin A. Lehmann, President and CEO, is actively involved in training calls. His leadership directed through the trainers at ProStep Direct teaches members how to build a million dollar sales and marketing business, overcome objections and much more. He keeps the company actively focused on servicing customers. Customer service is 24/7.

ProStep Direct is recommended as a valuable service for those seeking an edge in driving the sales and marketing for their business, and who would like to get paid for helping others experience the same.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 9/8/2005

Gracie Bowers is an industry established leader in reviewing and critiquing home based businesses. Her website, on home based business opportunities, provides a wide array of insite on available programs. You can even view thebest home based business which she uses to make her money, allowing her to have free time to write!