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 There are certain business rules in existence that young, up-and-coming business professionals and entrepreneurs should do their best to abide by. Paying attention to and following these rules will inevitably make your career and business run more smoothly and successfully.

Taking A Genuine Interest In People

One of the strongest assets a young business professional (or any business professional) can acquire is a good set of listening skills. People love to speak about themselves and, this becomes problematic to the business professional when they do just so.

Always ask questions about the other individual. It makes meetings a lot easier because you don’t have to “pitch” yourself the entire time. Instead, all you have to do is sit back and listen.

To give you a good example. I went to meet with a client a few days ago and because I make it a point to learn about my clients, I asked him about a youth football photo plaque he had on his wall.

A very nice man, he smiled and proceeded to tell me all about his son who is 10 years old, his passion for coaching the sport, as well as his Giants season tickets that got priced out a few years back.

Following the inquiry, I immediately knew he had two main drivers in both business and in life. First, this gentlemen wanted a better, more fruitful life for his children and he was willing to work for it. The second driver was uncertainty about the choice of colleges his children would have.

Taking an interest in people not only helps you learn, but it furthers your business career to an extent that you could not imagine. People do business with those they like because it is easy. When you listen, people like you.

Don’t Let Anybody Tell You That You Can’t

Throughout your career, every step of the way, you are going to meet skeptics, negative minded individuals that, if you allow them, can deter you from meeting your goals.

Remember, just because somebody thinks achieving a particular that you’re reaching for goal is difficult, it has no bearing as to whether you can achieve the aforementioned.

Pride and Vanity

It is sometimes hard to discuss persuasion tips to the public because most don’t know the subject as, if they did, their articles would be a lot different. Being presentable is one of the strongest forms of persuasion you could have.

When it comes to the importance of looks, the United States ranks a mere 15 or so in the world. Most people whom I ask assume that we’re #1.

Most would not guess, but the top countries to place importance on looks are disease- and famine-ridden nations. This is because good looks show the other individuals that you are healthy.

It gets worse, but need not be discussed. You don’t have to look like James Dean or Marilyn Monroe, but you do need to look your best at all times.

Changing yourself is hard only if you think it is. Start by investing in a nice suit, keeping and looking fit and transferring positive energy when speaking or meeting with clients.

It’s not pretty, but it’s life.

This Entrepreneurship article was written by Ken Sundheim on 4/1/2011

Ken runs KAS Placement Marketing Recruiters Washington DC Headhunters a sales and marketing search firm with headquarters in NYC Marketing Recruiters NYC Headhunters Sales Recruiters NYC Staffing Agencies