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Facing all women, and in truth all parents, is the question of career and children and how these two important aspects of life work together in the complex, hectic, and expensive 21st century world.   In a social and economic climate that stresses the worth of an individual in economic terms, many women with children or planning for them in the future, find that these elements of their dreams often appear at odds. How can a woman seeking to fulfill career aspirations create a life that includes children?  How can she create work for stay at home moms?  How many women agonize these decisions feeling that the whole question is an either or situation?  How many women choose to do both and have no personal sense of satisfaction with either?  As the cost of living rises and the demands on professional career time stress production as a measure of worth, the questions above open new avenues of discussion for achieving both objectives for the woman wanting to create work for stay at home moms.

Today, the work from home industry is experiencing expansive growth.  Many employers see the multi-faceted value in telecommuting.  For women in corporate entities that permit this option, without compromising career aspirations, this transition is the ideal work at home mom situation.  However, we haven’t fully arrived at the point where all employers that could implement telemarketing options have, because the transition to the information age is not fully complete.  Lots of us are still called to the office.  Lots of us still have to find safe, legitimate, affordable day care so that making our daily presence at the office is possible.  These are the women that question alternatives, seek out other options, and discover new possibilities for making their work for stay at home moms dream a reality.

Information brokering is one of the most reliable, most lucrative, and most satisfying choices available for the work at home mom.  Many women are discovering that their knowledge, their education, their hobbies, and their passions have real informative value to a wide audience. Taking the subject you are most passionate about and creating a forum of expertise with information products is one of the best online business opportunities for women considering how to create a career that mirrors who they are, and control the time allotted to work while maximizing income.  Being home with your children is possible as women take control of crucial decisions about lifestyle, and move through the process of making their work for stay at home moms a reality.

If you are seeking help or information on how to become an information broker visit to see an example of how I turned my professional offline career knowledge into a viable online business.  You can do the same.  It will mean setting schedules and organizing your time, but it is possible to have both a life and a career.  It is possible to be a work at home mom.  Information brokering is not a get rich quick scheme.  It is a legitimate business opportunity to create and to own your own products. It will take time to implement the changes that will make work for stay at home moms a possibility.  However, there is no time like the present.  The technical revolution has made the choice to work from home a real possibility.  

Imagine getting up and going into your office while still in your slippers.  I do this every day and love it.  I use my time wisely, but my time is flexible and my options to juggle work loads within my timeframe are mine to make. One of the biggest perks to come out of creating an information business was the additional student consulting work that grew from having taken this journey myself.  So, add mentoring as one of the additional streams of revenue awaiting you as you make the leap from outside employment to work for stay at home moms.

I am only a phone call away.  May you find the dream alive within you and create the destiny you deserve to live.

Gracie Bowers


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/3/2006

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