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Yanik Silver conducts himself and his business with the utmost professionalism. It’s a rare quality and one worth emulating. He is accessible and personally responds to queries made of him. The very fact that you’ll have direct contact with Yanik Silver if you email or call him leads additional credibility to an already impeccable reputation.

Yanik Silver’s list of titles include; 33 Days to Online Profits (you can get this in a video, e-book edition), Surefire Sales Letter Secrets, Psychological Tactics to Capture More Profits, and Ultimate Sales Letter Tool Box.

You’ll soon discover that much of Yanik Silver’s focus is on creating advertising copy. His background as an expert copyrighter translated into some of the best "sales letter" packages you can imagine. Even a beginning marketer with no talent can visit his website for easy to use, fill in the blank sales letter success.

Personally, I recommend this site. It’s not a bad way to get started if you’re completely stumped for creative approaches to your customers that work. I’d also be delighted to help you draft original sales letters specifically suited to your business. All the same great marketing ideas can be included in a unique product for your use with language and focus for your target market. Sometimes, canned letters, no matter how good they are, lose a little punch if used excessively.

I’ve never been disappointed by Yanik Silver, his great service, or the reasonable price of his materials. Yes, Yanik Silver comes highly recommended for his longevity in this business combined with his class act persona.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/5/2006

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