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 The UK has been an insurance and finance capital for centuries.  It is home to the three-century-old Lloyd’s of London, the largest insurance market in the world offering a wide variety of coverages, from health care to car insurance.  UK Insurance systems can be broken down into three categories: Health insurance, General Insurance, and Life and Pensions, which are provided either privately, through a state program, or a combination of the two.

Health insurance is primarily provided through the National Health Service, although private hospitals, funded mostly through insurance, is available as well.  Health insurance companies in the UK are less regulated than those in the United States, as they are not recognized as playing as important a role to the public.  It is not subject to tax exemptions, and is not provided through one’s employer. 

General insurance covers accidents of nearly any kind, fire and theft.  These are provided through corporations, and may be regulated with mandates depending on the situation.  Employers are, for example, required to purchase insurance for injuries and accidents born by employees in the workplace.  Auto insurance is typically available in three options: Third Party only car insurance (UK laws require this coverage), Third Party, Fire and Theft insurance, and Comprehensive insurance  which covers bodily injury as well (the last option being less common in the UK than in the United States due to the coverage provided by the NHS.  Roadside assistance and other options are also usually available.  Pensions are provided publicly, available to people over the age of 65.  Life insurance is provided on the private market.

This Financial Services article was written by Mark Karavan on 10/14/2009

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