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Money, they say is a strange virtue – sometimes it is more plentiful than one requires, at other times one can do good with some more of it. Putting off a requirement or letting an opportunity go by might not be such a good idea at most times – it is better to loan the amount for the time being. While thinking on those lines, going for Secured Loans for UK residents is a good idea.

Secured Loans UK require the borrower to provide some kind of security or collateral to the lender. This collateral could be a house, a piece of property, a vehicle or a bond. They are available for all kinds of purposes and available for amounts varying from £3,000 to £70,000 or even more. It just depends on how comfortable the lender is with the equity of the collateral provided – equity being the surplus the value of the collateral is above the amount being loaned.

Secured Loans are the better route due to the following reasons:

Secured Loan rates are cheaper than unsecured loans. Since the lender is more comfortable making the decision with the collateral available, the element of risk is less. It is worthwhile though to check for all available rates (mostly listed online) and make a decision only after due deliberation.

Secured Loans UK create a win-win situation. Though it reduces the risk for the investor, it does not take anything away from the borrower. The borrower still has full rights over the property or collateral and can reclaim it immediately once the loan is fully paid.

Secured Loans are easier to obtain than unsecured loans. There are more lending institutions and bodies ready to give secured loans than unsecured loans, even at higher rates.

Secured Loans can be obtained in higher values than other loans. It can be obtained even for values up to £100,000 if the equity is good – this is not possible with other forms of loans.

If your credit history is not good, secured loans is the only way to go. The collateral allays fears of the lender and it can be more readily obtained.

A few things to be kept in mind is to research well for the best rates available. It is worthwhile to make a comparison or the quoted Annual Percentage Rates, though the actual rates may be slightly different. Also, there might be a lender’s policy to charge some penalty for advance repayment. If you have such a plan or possibility, it is better to be clear upfront.

This Financial Services article was written by David Thomas on 7/18/2006

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