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Adverts That Work

The marketing golden rules of AIDA mean attention, interest, desire and action. This is very useful when designing your advertising, think when constructing a piece of work are you fulfilling the rules.

When dealing with the headline make sure it is very attractive to the customer, not what you think is relevant but a headline which from market research if possible you know will appeal directly to your customer.

So in order to achieve that goal you will be looking at true customer benefits as opposed to just describing the product or service. What does the customer think? Taylor the ad so it is positioned from their point of view “what is in it for me”.

Do not try and be clever or comical with the feel of the advert keep things simple, direct and punchy.

Start with a great attention grabbing headline, then think of text below which is relevant to the headline and interesting to the customer. This can be achieved by having sub headlines which are customer benefits then a paragraph describing each sub headline.

Perhaps include an offer for the customer to encourage a call for action make sure the call for action is straight forward and simple to understand.

Pictures demonstrating the product can be very effective as they indicate what you see is what you will get. So ensure there are attractive pictures of the product or service and include good captions with each picture.

Test your advert on a small scale, test what works first before investing in a large advertising campaign. These principals can also be used with a sales letters, fliers and leaflets etc.

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