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There are a large number of opportunities for making your online business succeed.  Unfortunately, they are becoming more and more difficult to tap as professionals flood the market. A few years ago, it could easily be said that “dumb people can get rich on the internet”. That just is not the case any longer.

So what should a business like yours do to succeed? Well, below I will cover the most basic types of internet marketing strategies and where you can go for additional help

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It used to be the case that stuffing enough keywords into a page on your website would guarantee you top rankings in the search engines. These days, the algorithm requires far more complex mathematics, analysis and understanding to leverage on behalf of your business. For SEO, I would highly recommend hiring a search marketing firm.

2. PPC (Pay Per Click). Just like SEO mentioned above, professionals have entered the PPC market. With click-fraud running rampant, it is difficult to manage this part of your online marketing without risking your success. If you manage a budget of less than $100 / month for PPC spending, then chances are the risk is not very substantial. But once you eclipse this number and you begin to escalate to the thousands or tens of thousands, the risks are substantial. You should definitely consider hiring a search marketing firm at that point.

3. Viral Marketing. This is a fantastic new method of search engine optimization that can bring you immediate rewards. While it brings you immediate traffic, it also has long-term benefits for your company such as improved SEO through linkbaiting. While your team can brainstorm some of these, a traditional web marketing firm could help implement these strategies.

4. Blog Marketing. This is perhaps the cheapest and easiest method. Just create a corporate blog and start going to town. Make sure you use a ping list so that all of the blog search engines are notified of your updates. This can bring both valuable traffic and valuable links to your site without hiring a search firm.

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This Marketing article was written by George P Alan on 10/6/2006

George P Alan is an expert in web marketing and internet marketing for online and brick and morter bussineses. This includes almost any business type you can imagine.