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If you are a sales person, a professional who needs to fill your practice, or a new business owner looking to find clientele to whom you can sell your new products, your success will depend on your ability to promote yourself and/or what you have to offer.  Oftentimes, people will start in to a new business venture and quit because of the stress and discouragement experienced during the process of looking for paying clients.

There is no one magical trick or secret process you can follow to become a person who gets new clients consistently.  Instead, the ability to get new clients is the result of you thinking, feeling, and behaving a particular way.  In other words, once you adopt a certain MINDSET, you begin attracting new clients.

The following will help you develop and sustain the mindset that will have you consistently filling your practice or business with new clients.

 1.  See people as people.

Many times, what will hold you back from promoting yourself or your product will be a belief or an image you hold of other people as superior, special, or different in some way.  The truth is that they are people – just like you.  They have the same human bodily functions, emotions, and needs as you.  Keeping this in mind will help you increase your confidence when speaking to others.

2. Realize that rejection is not something personal against you.

If someone rejects whatever you are offering, it is not YOU that he or she is rejecting.  Instead, they are rejecting the service or product that you are offering.  Whatever reason they believe they don’t want it or need it, doesn’t matter.  Just realize that it is not a personal rejection of You.  Knowing this will help you approach others openly, honestly, and confidently.

3.  Accept that not everyone is going to be interested.

It is okay.  Not everyone is going to want your products or services.  But some of them will.  Focus on the wills and let go of the will-nots.

4. Adopt the knowing that getting new clients is about RELATIONSHIP, and not about selling.

If your focus is on selling a product or service to people, then you have missed the proverbial Boat!  Successful selling occurs as a result of being in relationship with the purchaser.  Form an immediate relationship with the person with whom you are selling, by being a sincere, kind, and compassionate person who believes in the product or services you are providing, and you will experience more and more success.

5. Improve your speaking ability.

The more confident you are about your speaking ability, the easier it will be for you to connect with people in a powerful, honest, and meaningful way.  It will also be easier for you to speak to them about what you are offering.  Join a local speaking group, like Toastmasters, where you can get regular speaking practice.  This will help you in more ways than you can imagine!

6. Know your magical side and let it shine.

You are a unique, magical being.  You look, act, think, and laugh differently than any other human being.  Discover your magical qualities and let them shine in every interaction.  Perspective clients will recognize and be drawn to you – this magical human being.

7.  Set goals and be results-oriented.

Results occur for those who plan on what their results are going to be, by when.  Set realistic, yet stretchy daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals for how many new clients you are going to attract in to your business.  Then, take action steps consistent with these goals.  Basically, plan on, and know what your results are going to be before you achieve them.

8.  Be curious, compassionate, and caring to potential clients.

Potential clients are also human beings with cares, trials, successes, and emotions.  Be curious about your perspective client’s lives.  What are their biggest challenges?  What is their family like?  Are they satisfied with their careers?  What are their needs?  And on, and on.  Connect to your perspective clients in a caring and compassionate way.  They will feel that and respond to you accordingly.

9. Take great care of yourself.

One of the well known universal laws is that the most successful people tend to take great care of themselves – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Implement a life plan that satisfied all of these human needs, and you will begin attracting perspective clients to you like a swarm of bees.

10. Do your homework.

If you have the opportunity to, find out what you perspective clients’ needs are, what their personalities are like, what their business products, philosophies, and goals are before you meet with them.  If you do not have this opportunity     ahead of time, let your instincts be your guide.

11. Practice visualization.

Spend at least 5 minutes every day running a movie in your mind about how people are going to be responding to you and what you have to offer.  Experience the situations in your mind before they happen.  Make them real by seeing them in Technicolor, and by adding appropriate sounds, smells, tastes, etc.  Once you get good at visualizing, you will be amazed to see how well it brings the situation into reality.       

Surround yourself with winners.

Do not spend time with negative, petty people who complain a lot.  This type of person will drag your energy and potential down.  Like attracts like, and you will rise to the occasion when you surround yourself with positive people who are already accomplishing what you are setting out to accomplish.  Surround yourself with winners. 

See yourself as a winner.

Now that you are spending time with winners, it is time to begin seeing yourself as an equal – a winner.  You are a special, dynamic human being with unique attributes that only you possess.  Let yourself and your winning qualities shine!

This Marketing article was written by Ronya Banks on 3/2/2005

As a Mind Power Leadership coach, trainer, and speaker, Ronya Banks has been teaching others how to become leaders and business owners since 1992. Frequently featured in radio, magazine and newspaper articles and interviews, Ronya helps people find the great leaders within by accessing the natural power of their minds. Discover more of Ronya’s proven leadership success secrets at: or subscribe to her ezine newsletter at: